Network Design

Rack and Stack

Firewalls Configurations and Security Policies

Day-1 Onsite Support

Remote User Services and Access

Remote Desktop Support

Server Basic Installation

Wireless Technologies Survey, Implementations, and Deployment

Device Deployment and Configuration



Routers and switching refreshing (Rack and stack of new Devices

DAY-1 support

Server IOS upgrades and updates

wireless technologies upgrades (CISCO, HP, Aruba networks, Etc.)



Mix and match consultation

Mix and match of legacy and new technologies (not recommended)

Legacy Network diagram creation

New Upgrade Network diagram

DAY-1 Support

Rack and stack of Network Devices



Maintenance as defined by scope



Comprehensive Network Security Audit

Virtual Private Networks

Access Control Lists

CISCO Identity Services Engine (includes BYOD)

Web and Email Security

Intrusion Prevention and Detection Systems

Network Address Translation

CISCO Firepower Services

Maintain and service existing network security solutions



NURTM- Cat 6 Horizontal line pull (up to 280Ft)

NURTM- Cat 5 horizontal line pull (up to 280Ft)

NURTM- Full Assembly of Network Rack

NURTM- Patch Panel termination and cable routing(dressing)

NURTM- Copper line testing

NURTM- Pathway Assembly and installation:

NURTM- Fiber terminations 30 per connector (SM or MM)

Note:fiber lines are terminated in pairs, unless equipment only supports half-Duplex or is unidirectional

NURTM- Fiber runs:(only within premises, not OSP)

NURTM- Fiber testing and troubleshooting (required rental of testing equipment to be covered by client)



Deep analysis

Diagnostics and Solutions

Digital Forensics



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